Saturday, April 14, 2007

Getting into sleep

I started to have trouble going to sleep. The simple physiological function that gives me more energy, improves my mood, helps refreshing my mind, body, and soul become too hard to be achieved. Is it true that "The older you get, the more trouble you may have sleeping, despite being very tired"?? My body and brain are working day and night, my hormones, nerves and cells never rest, therefore it's no wonder I have difficulty settling into a restful sleep…..

THINKING A LOT: I can lie awake for hours every night, thinking about what I want to do tomorrow or what I should have done today or how irrationally untidy my desk is! Worrying about my work is likely to keep me awake and it is hard for me just to leave it outside the bedroom not only home! May be I should learn not to take my worries with me everywhere I go…..A friend of mine advised me to keep the stress to a minimum. A day full of disappointments, emotional ups and downs is likely to carry me over into a sleepless night….. Can someone teaches me the perfect ways to stay peaceful, relaxed and manage my emotions?!

"Not to fight sleeplessness and to start counting sheep"! The idea that one day "when sheep go to sleep they will count the number of kids trying to tip them" is an issue that might rises of such an advice and stop me from sleeping! An endless circle….. Trying to sitting up to read a book, listening to soothing music, treating myself with a warm glass of milk or creating a sleep-friendly bed and positioning myself for sleep: front sleeping, sleeping on the right side, the left side or on my back…. IT DID NOT WORK.

Nice cup of white tea used to have a soporific effect BUT not anymore! Someone advised me to EAT and enjoy a light snack before bedtime; this can work sometimes BUT intestine-friendly foods can not satisfy my greedy stomach!!!! I will end up with a heavy meal late at night and a starving stomach next morning!

To solve the issue, once for all, I got back to my old trick: Creating a long running story, in which I am the main player!!! When I go to sleep, I make up the stories in my head and take the people from the books, novels and movies….and create in my mind a story that involves all of us. Sometimes adventure stories, other times a romantic story and within 20 minutes or so I drop off..... It is taking control and guiding my thoughts away from reality and into a fantasy; A fantasy that has NO correlation to any events in my life.....Visualizations that take over my brain completely and stops my brain from wandering and gets me away from things I have to do.

The "STORY" method proved to be really effective. It is strange, but I seem to pass from having a story in my head to having a dream. I can’t describe it any better.
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