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My qualities: For and against!

As a newcomer to the blogsphere world, Ascribo’s tag was a hard task for me! However, I felt his warm welcome and that strong wish for me to have a solid start into this world of expressing our selves!.. Thank you Ascribo, Hope you will like the "nonsense" I came up with!

To answer what sounded a "simple one-question tag", I give my self 35 minutes to answer......

"Which of your qualities you want your child to have, and which of them you do NOT want him to have?"

I have no children of my own and for some unexplained reason can not see any in my future! However, the little 4 months old "Yara", my niece, has become the centre of my life since she was born….Passing some of my qualities to her sounds to be lately the "current debate!"… "She will be tall like her aunt!" her mum says… "NO! she is going to have her aunt’s fashion-model figure!!" her grandmother says…."Actually, she certainly has her aunt’s transparent eyes, that window to her soul" her dad says…

Listing my good and bad traits was not an easy mission at all... though words cannot fully describe human personality….

Dependable, self confident and artistic are words that anyone who knows me well would use to describe me. My parents would mainly describe me as dependable. They can depend on me with any responsibility they give me. My work experience has also contributed to my dependability. I have a very good relationship with my colleagues and supervisors because I have shown them over the years that they can depend on me to get most anything done. Friends in UK describe me as being dependable because they knew that friends and family come first to me. A lot of my friends will come to me with problems because they know they can depend on me to help them out and listen. Praying Yara will grow into a reliable person, I hope that she will always be looked at as being dependable to all her friends and family. Try to be diligent about being responsible, I hope she will believe that being reliable is an important thing and that the only way she can gain trust, which is one of the most important thing in the world, is to be reliable.

I want Yara to have my self-confidence in order to form her opinions and make her own decisions. Others can rely on her; once she has given her word she will do her utmost to fulfil a responsibility. However, I want her to overcome my tendency to be a little too independent in my thinking as it is difficult for me to accept the help of others when I should! Due to my strong sense of responsibility, I experience worry and mental turmoil through assuming more responsibility than I should.

One of my personal traits, my friends describe me with, is being creative and artistic!! Ever since I was a little girl I have loved to draw and paint; and I have always been enrolled in art classes or art shows. When ever I am bored I will always find something artistic to do. I love being artistic and creative because it gives me a way to express myself… how I want and in the way I want….I desire Yara to find the right way to express her self… I can see her as an insightful Linguist, having the natural fluency of a writer and the visual and spatial strengths of an artist. Those skills will contribute to her creative and expressive mind.

As for my emotional skills, my strongest suit is perception, my ability to pick up on what others are feeling. Because of this, am good at reading people's verbal and non-verbal cues. I hope Yara will be aware of the subtleties of people's actions, and can feel out the vibe of a situation better than me. That will give her and edge many wish they had….

Colleagues and family would also describe me as being friendly; in all my past experiences I have learned that it pays off to be friendly. By being friendly with mainly everyone and getting to know them on a more personal level, I was awarded more responsibilities!! Love for caring others is the reason why I am a big sister in people's eyes. People would find it interesting and comfortable talking to me and this enabled me to gain trust from them. This usually gives a good impression to those who are sentimental and younger than me…. Am also shy and quiet, enjoy peaceful, comfortable environments and dislike noisy and crowded environments. When someone is in need, I would not say "NO" .....Ever!!....I know that i can do anything for this person. I tend to forget my self when i help others! I even sacrifice myself, my time and work for the sake of others. All of that are very accurate regarding my complicated personality…. I hope that Yara can overcome these possible inherent deficiencies . Here, to be honest, I believe all my qualities should be sent to Hell!!

I would not consider myself a quick-tempered person, but when I do get angry I get blindingly angry. I tend to keep my cool on the surface, but rage deep inside within myself!!! "Unhealthy"quality for sure! ..... I've got very high standards for people around me, and even higher standards for myself. Therefore I'm constantly let down (by both myself and others). I expect more from myself…..Sometimes, especially around those for whom I care a great deal, I push myself even harder. When I fail, with my standards, I get angry with myself. I desire Yara not to lower her standards. I pray she will build the right "healthy" ways to react when she fail to meet her standards, and to learn how to express, or act out, her anger.

I do ignore things that would normally hurt me. i even tend to forgive easily.. I even create excuses for people bad behavior with me and tend to believe in what I imagine is the reason behind! This is certainly a "quality" that I pray Yara will never suffer from!

Writing the list of my "bad" and "good" traits can continue for ever! I only Pray that Yara will be responsible, and conscientious. Committed and steady in meeting her obligations. Loyal, considerate, notice and remember specifics about people who are important to her, concerned with how others feel. Strive to create an orderly and harmonious environment at work and home….

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 Blogger abufares said:
I am glad you decided to get into blogging. I hope you'll continue as it's obvious you have the capacity to enlighten and entertain. Looking forward reading more of your posts in the near future.
Welcome on board
 Blogger Angel said:
Dear Abufares,
I'm very honored to have you come here and comment on my blog.
Really feel glad and yet challenged when I know that a talented and a great blogger like you is going to read my posts and the nonsense I might came up with! :-)
Thank you very much for your visit and your warm welcome.
 Blogger Ascribo said:
I had to read this post several times without certainly knowing what I'm supposed to say...

Well, I've noticed all of characters you mentioned, and few more...But I can say that the most eminent one is your sense of responsibility. And this is the best and the worst part of you!

Yes, it is great to be dependable, but I can tell that this can also cause lots of problems, especially when you're mostly surrounded by people who are only good at asking & taking. I would say that it'd be better for you (though not for others, esp PARASITES) if you become a little bit less "responsible" and stop pushing yourself so hard

Another thing is expressing your anger or sadness. Again, it's great to have someone who share her happiness with others but keeps her sadness to herself, but I guess this is not fun at all. You know, someone it's necessary to get angry and shout! Just as a way to survive daily stress!

Anyway, I know you cannot and will not change! You're simply great the way you are!

Waiting for more wonderful posts about "YOU"..
 Anonymous Free soul said:
Try to see ur bad traits (as u named them ) from another perspective! from mine i saw that u have great QUALITIES,just try t minimize ur daily dose of giving without taking!then i am sure everything will be ok....
The second advise says: be optimistic and put ur faith in Allah...
Third inform: it is hard to change your manners or to give up your principles...but it is too easy to know how to manage ur ATTITUDE..
You are great enough to understand & do that! sure u are...!
Transparant....glorious expressing...keep posting!